MMI Engineering’s Dr David Burt recently presented at a meeting of the Nuclear Industry Association Decommissioning Working Group meeting in Newcastle. The theme of the meeting was Nuclear Waste Management, and a diverse audience of nearly 100 delegates from across the UK Nuclear Industry gathered to listen to examples of industry best practice and discuss up-coming projects in waste management and decommissioning.

In a programme that also featured talks from Sellafield Ltd, AWE, NDA, and other major nuclear client organisations, David presented examples of MMI’s capabilities and previous projects relating to nuclear waste. These cover the full spectrum of operations relevant to radioactive waste management, including analysis of waste processing and packaging, safe transport, and repository disposal. MMI has experience of such applications for the full range of waste classifications of interest to the nuclear industry, from Intermediate to High Level Wastes as well as Spent Fuel.

For more information, please contact David Burt on 0117 960 2212,