MMI Engineering (MMI) has been undertaking a work programme on behalf of Perenco to identify and manage the integrity of Passive Fire Protection (PFP) systems and Explosion Protection (EP) measures installed on their Southern North Sea assets.

MMI has outlined a Passive Fire and Explosion Protection (PFEP) strategy to identify where PFEP systems are necessary, including a guide to performance standards, so that Perenco is aware of varying exceedance levels, appropriate materials, etc., for each area of their assets. MMI is currently evaluating each asset on an asset-to-asset basis, including a screening exercise to establish how much of the PFEP can be rationalised. The team has been using a 360-degree camera during these offshore surveys to establish a detailed photographic record of each facility, including the provision of an application that will “run” navigable digital maps (a Panotour – see screenshot above), which can be used during PFEP remediation and referred to in the future.

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