Four MMI employees (Dave Sanderson, Paul Gardner, Anna Duda and David Burt) have trained as ‘STEM ambassadors’, which will enable MMI  to ‘reach out’ into the community by way of visiting schools to raise awareness of the opportunities that STEM subjects will open to them.

STEMNET is a government-backed scheme whose remit is to inspire more of our best young people into Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). For further information regarding STEMNET, please visit their website

MMI is planning to deliver STEMNET sessions in collaboration with the British BLOODHOUND.SSC project. This project, based in Bristol, is best described as ‘an engineering adventure for the 21 century’ and aims to develop a three propulsion system car that will break the land speed record at 1000 mph. It is difficult to explain the scale of the Bloodhound team’s ambition, but further information may be found at

Most importantly, the principal motivation behind Bloodhound is to inspire the most talented young people into Engineering.