Two MMI Engineering practitioners will be among the presenters at the AWEA Windpower Conference and Exhibition set for October 22-23 in Providence, Rhode Island.
MMI will have two poster presentations on October 22 from 5:15 – 6:15 p.m. Chelsea Drenick (MMI – Oakland) will present “The Importance of Site-Specific Planning Level Energy Assessment, a Case Study” and Hugo Gomez (MMI, Oakland) will present “Structural Condition Monitoring for Offshore Wind Turbines Using Sensor Data”.
Practitioners also will be available to meet with expo attendees in Booth 224, where they will demonstrate MMI’s wind energy assessment software WEP-View, currently utilised by the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management. They also will discuss MMI’s concept development capabilities and current feasibility studies, as well as illustrate monitoring and intelligent wind plant management.
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