The MMI Australian team have been asked to make technical presentations to the Western Australian and Victorian state Joint Chemical Engineering Councils (JCECs).  These groups are made up of IChemE and Engineers Australia chemical division local branch members.  The joint councils are known as JWACEC and JVCEC and they meet regularly throughout the year at the Engineers Australia buildings in West Perth and North Melbourne.

The initial approaches from JVCEC and JWACEC were made to MMI Principal Consultants Garry Law in Melbourne and Paul Heierman-Rix in Perth respectively, who are well known to the IChemE committee and IChemE Safety Centre members. Garry and Paul will combine forces with Mike Docherty, MMI Senior Consultant (PFP), to deliver the same messages to both JCEC audiences in Oct 2015 and early 2016.

Their presentation entitled “PFP, Whose Responsibility Is It?” is aimed to raise member awareness of Passive Fire Protection specification, application, maintenance and replacement strategies over a typical Oil and Gas facility’s lifetime.  It also aims to explain that it is a combined effort between design and plant engineering, operations and maintenance teams, with help from consultants and manufacturers, to ensure the performance requirements of PFP are met.

• JWACEC Technical meeting, evening of 12th October 2015, Engineers Australia Building, West Perth – Paul Heierman-Rix and Mike Docherty.

• JVCEC Technical meeting, date TBC* (Q1 2016), Engineers Australia Building, North Melbourne – Garry Law and Mike Docherty.

* Delayed from 21st Oct due to building works.