After the successful technical meeting held in Houston on the 15th of February, PFPNet is pleased to announce that Shell and TechnipFMC are the latest companies to sign up to the group – committing to improving the competency surrounding Passive Fire Protection (PFP) within the Hydrocarbon Passive Fire Protection Industry.

PFP has been in existence for many decades. However, despite this track record, and the greater understanding and knowledge that has been developed, it is evident that the subject is not understood by the industry in general, and that key knowledge resides with a limited number of people and organisations. The result is the misunderstanding and misuse of PFP systems, leading to costly failures or deficiencies in the PFP schemes being developed. At present, there is not a single industry body fully dedicated to the subject of hydrocarbon passive fire protection in all its forms, and for its many uses. PFPNet has been established to address the main issues surrounding the PFP industry through activities funded by membership subscription. Its purpose is to increase the overall level of competency and knowledge around PFP by developing guidelines and delivering training based on the knowledge and experience of its members. It will provide a dedicated organisation that will enable a partnership between all of those involved in the use, installation, inspection and manufacture of PFP systems.

Ultimately, PFPNet will identify the current problems and the future needs, and then systematically resolve them as a collective industry response. Having Shell and TechnipFMC on board is a major step in the right direction, and should confirm to industry the need for such a group. Other members from manufacturer, EPC and regulatory backgrounds include:

• Advanced Insulation
• Alfred Miller Contracting
• Esterline
• Hempel
• Jotun Paints
• Perenco
• Promat
• Sherwin Williams
• Trelleborg
• Woodside

With a number of high-profile companies signed up and a new financial year just around the corner, PFPNet expects to meet its membership target in the next few months.

If you would like more information about the group, or if you would like to request a copy of PFPNet’s proposal for 2017, please contact Gemma Shackleton.  Alternatively, please visit the PFPNet website.