The 2nd International Conference on Structural Safety Under Fire and Blast Loading (CONFAB) will be held in London between the 11th and 12th of September. MMI has submitted two papers, which have been contributed to by colleagues based in the UK, the US, Australia and Malaysia: “Three-Sided Partial Protection of Horizontal Members on Offshore Installation: Problem, Design and Solution” by Dr. Ruirui Sun and Dr. Enrique Munoz Garcia, and “Structural Integrity and Passive Fire Protection Optimisation for Onshore Petrochemical Structures” by Dr. Yavuz Mentes, Dr. Ravi Mullapudi, Dr. Enrique Munoz Garcia and Mr. Charles Hendry.  Dr. Ruirui Sun will be attending the conference and will talk about the structural fire protection design for a widely existing problem across the Oil and Gas industry – three sided partially protected horizontal steel members and the structural passive fire protection optimisation of petrochemical facilities.

The infrastructure of human civilisation is perennially under threat from natural and man-made hazards, of which fire and blast are among the most destructive and frequent. These hazards are often also interdependent, where one may lead to the other, particularly in industrial environments. It is the aim of this conference to provide an international forum to regularly bring together leading researchers in these fields along with leading practitioners in order to meet the following main objectives:

  • Disseminate state-of-the-art knowledge and practice for dealing with both of these hazards either individually or collectively
  • Provide a forum where students, researchers and practitioners in these fields may interact, network and learn from each other and promote best practice
  • Researchers are afforded the opportunity of obtaining useful feedback on their research from their peers as well as from a strong contingent of leading practitioners in the field. Likewise industry participants will get the chance to inform researchers with the issues of greatest concern to them
  • Over the long term it is expected that this conference will contribute in leading to a safer and more resilient built environment as well as enhanced safety in industrial environments, both on and off-shore.

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